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Brettex: Water Treatment Works

The Brettex Poly-EM

For emulsion polymer preparation and controlled dosing - Efficient, Compact and Robust!

The Poly-EM meters, dissolves and mixes liquid polymers with water, fully automatically.

Models: Poly-EM 2400-7 through 4800-30 large frame

The Poly-EM is a compact and robust self contained unit designed to mix and age liquid polyelectrolye instantaneously - removing the need for ageing tanks and solution metering pump sets.

The Poly-EM is a superior unit offering optimal results through the precise control of metered polymer, water flow and unique mixing chamber. With control of these variables you can ensure your polymers have the ideal yet most economic mixing environment.

The unit is designed for easy installation and set up, all that is required is a clean water supply, neat chemical storage space and a single phase power supply (230/1/50hz or 110/1/50hz).

All controls are front mounted for easy operator access, the pump head and EasyClean polymer injector are fully accessible at the side of the unit. For servicing, the unit incorporates a removable Chamber Module.

The unit is designed for long life and continual high performance operation with repeatable results.

Brettex Poly EM

Process walk-through - Poly-EM 2400-7:

Incoming water is fed into the mixing chamber via a solenoid valve and the flow regulated by a V/A flowmeter with an integral needle valve and adjustable low water flow alarm switch. When the water flow falls below the alarm set point the unit automatically switches off the mixing chamber drive motor and polymer metering pump. The unit restarts automatically once the water flow resumes.

The liquid polymer is injected into the mixing chamber via an electronic metering pump. The pump output is fully programmable for accurate chemical metering by either setting the pump for internal mode or external inputs: 4-20mA, Hall Effect flowmeter or remote on/off.

The incoming water and the metered polymer are injected into a High Energy Impeller for efficient initial mixing, the mix then passes over an elliptical rotor where the polymer can fully invert with no high energy to damage or shear it. The polymer solution then exits the chamber for piping to the required process.

Poly-EM 4800-7:

The process is as above for Poly-EM 2400-7, but this model has a secondary dilution V/A flowmeter with integral needle valve which meters water that combines with the polymer solution as it exits the mixing chamber, through a confluence and exits the unit for piping to the process.

Poly-EM small large models

Brettex Polymer Range Large

Brettex Polymer Diagram

Materials of Construction:

  • Mixing Chamber: Barrel = 316 st/steel tube, Flanges = Polypropylene.
  • Mixing Elements: Shaft = 316 st/steel, High Energy Impeller = 316 st/steel, Elliptical Rotor = Polypropylene.
  • Supporting Framework: 304 st/steel.
  • Pipework: ABS, Composite Unions = Brass/ABS, Sight Tube = clear PVC-U.
  • Metering Pump (Wetted Parts): Head = Acrylic, Valves = Polypro, Ball/Springs = 316 st/steel, Diaphragm = Teflon faced.
  • Solenoid Valve: Brass, st/steel, EPDM.

This unit is protected to IP55, but should be located indoors and protected against freezing.

Please Note: Owing to continual development any of the above/over may change without notice.

For Larger Polymer Dosing Units (up to 30L/H of neat liquid) See the Poly-EM4800-17/30 Range.

All units come with a 12 month warranty (subject to conditions).

All equipment (outside warranty) can be returned to base for service or repair, ask for details.

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