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Brettex: Water Treatment Works

Polymer Mixer Valve Manufacturer & Sales

Brettex's In-line polymer mixing valve, available to suit 4" (PN and 6" pipework). Together with the Brettex 8 Point polymer injection ring, this system has been specifically designed to maximise the conditioning of sludge feed in all Thickening and Dewatering applications.

Brettex Polymer Mixer Valve

Key Features:-

  • Manufactured completely in the UK.
  • Proven to increase flocculation with sludge and therefore reduce polymer consumption
  • Robust construction made entirely of 316 Stainless steel, gives increased resistance against corrosion and excess internal wear.
  • For the material of the injection ring, we use a HDPE construction for the ring itself and distribution block.
  • Options for coating the internal parts for added wear protection have also been tried in the past, but are not fitted as standard.
  • Fully adjustable counter weight and open/closed restrictor rods, give ultimate control of commissioning parameters.
  • Bespoke sizing of both 4" and 6" unit (supported by full CAD drawings) available on request, to allow installation into any existing system.
  • Carries CE mark.

    For further information about our Polymer Mixer Valves contact us for a free, no-obligation proposal and quote.

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