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Brettex: Water Treatment Works

Brettex Utility Services

Waste Water Belt Press Plant Maintenance

Brettex Utility Services specialise in supporting utility companies with support, maintenance and repair of their dewatering plant equipment and machinery, in particular Belt Presses.

A Belt Press (sometimes known as a "Belt Filter Press") is an industrial machine used for the separation of solids and liquids, particularly in the Water Treatment, Chemical and Mining Industries.

This sludge dewatering machine uses mechanically applied pressure to a chemically pre-treated slurry (initially introduced through a hopper), which is then passed through filtering cloths/belts (Gravity Belt Thickener) and a tensioned belt system then takes this through a series of rollers (of decreasing diameters) so that essentially all water is "squeezed out" of the slurry and collected, and the end product is a practically dry "cake".

Belt Filter Presses utilise a vacuum system to ensure that any gases and effluent produced throughout the pressing process is kept to a minimum, and it is therefore particularly important that this machinery is regularly serviced and maintained to a high health and safety standard for our clients' operatives.

Our Utility Services website (coming soon) will provide more detailed information on our Belt Press Maintenance Routines and Servicing Plans or contact us for more information and a free, no-obligation proposal and quote for your belt press maintenance and repair services

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