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Brettex have over 30 years' experience in the Engineering & Mechanical Industry and Facilities Management Service Industry, providing our varied client base with on-site mechanical and electrical expertise from our highly skilled workforce.

Our professional, corporate ethos, coupled with this professional industry expertise has resulted in numerous industry Accreditations and an impeccable Health and Safety record that has ensured we continue to provide a wide range of services and solutions to a diverse, national customer base.


On-Site Sludge Analysis Laboratory

APRIL 12, 2018

We have now officially opened our on-site laboratory which enables Brettex to support our clients with sludge analysis. The facility is able to provide a full range of services to measure solids content for all liquors and sludges, COD and BOD, nutrient levels and a range of di ...read more

  • Brettex Utility Services provide maintenance & support services to the UK's leading water treatment companies, including:

    Brettex: Sewage Works
    Belt Press Maintenance
    Gravity Belt Thickener Maintenance
    Dewatering Plant Maintenance
    Mechanical & Electrical Services
    Engineering Services & Maintenance
    See Brettex Waste Water Treatment menu and our website at www.brettexutilityservices.com - coming soon!
  • Brettex Utility Products - Our own manufactured Drum Thickener, built on years of expertise within the water industry!:

    Manufactured from durable Stainless Steel
    Featuring a wedge wire drum
    Reduces sludge volume for disposal, digestion or further process dewatering
    Five sizes of thickener are currently available
    Further sizes being developed
  • Brettex Contract Manufacturing provides Metal Fabrication and Machining Services, including:

    Pharmaceutical Fabrications
    OEM Manufactured Parts
    Laboratory Equipment
    Hygienic Process Pipe Work Fabrications
    Extraction Systems
    See Brettex Contract Manufacturing menu and website at www.brettexcontractmanufacturing.com - coming soon!

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